Original Brands

"No imitation can be as good as the original"

SIC's original brands and designs are often imitated. With the prospect of making quick money by imitating something original is just the way of some producers and trading companies doing business. We have knowledge of some companies in Saudi Arabai and the UAE doing such unethical practices by importing products from China and disguising them as our original brand from Sanden Intercool Thailand products. These people have tried to confuse our customers, so we would like to warn you not to fall into their traps. If you are not sure about anything, please contact us.

"There is nothing like the real original"

Obviously, how our products look, materials used or even design concepts of our products can be imitated. But what cannot and never be imitated is the spirit of SIC's humanistic design that makes SIC products stand out and so unique.

"Only us can do the best"

Our products are carefully thought and designed even the smallest details. Energy saving and safety issues are taken into considered seriously. We do everything to make our products the best. All of these processes require substantial resources and investments which can never be imitated.

"100% original"

In the quest to protect SIC's original designs, we urge and encourage you to please not hesitate to contact us if you experience an imitation of one of the SIC products, designs or trademarks.